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Blueberries, lingonberries and heather give your yard the feeling of the forest  

We serve you with all your needs around the forest floor mat - planning, procurement and installing.

"Forest floor mat is an excellent, natural and care-free alternative for a lawn"

Some of our customers

The spirit of the forest embraces your garden

Metsäkuntta - Forest Floor Mat is natural ground vegetation of the forest. It consists mainly of blueberry, lingonberry and heather. The material is taken from pine stands prior to logging. By removing the ground vegetation before logging we give the plants a new life in another location where they continue their important work as carbon sink and deliver positive impact to people.  A yard covered with forest floor mat is in harmony with sorrounding nature. Forest floor mat can be used as a roof surface material as well . We value and protect the nature and we can deliver the forest floor mat to you even without any packaging materials. 

Forest floor mat for you

We deliver the forest floor mat without plastic packaging. Little actions to protect our environment.

Forest floor mat installed

Forest floor mat delivered without installing


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