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Price from 18.00 €/m2. The actual price depends on the quantity and the location.


Forest floor mat (Metsäkuntta) is natural forest vegetation, consisting mainly of blueberry, lingonberry and heather.

Forest floor mat is a way to make the vegetation of built areas to resemble that of natural forest. Forest floor mat is used also for green roofs and root cellars. 


Forest floor mat must be installed within 1-2 days after being removed from the forest. It is installed in a 10 cm thick sand layer. The ground under forest floor mat should be barren; it should not be installed on black soil since weeds grow easily on black soil.


Forest floor mat requires constant watering during the first summer. After that, it will not require maintenance.


We deliver forest floor mat in any quantities in Southern and Central Finland. For Northern Finland, Scandinavia and Estonia, please ask for our offer!


The product is delivered on 1 m2 sheets.


Forest floor mat, installed

18,50 €Price
1 Square meter
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