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We deliver the forest floor mat - be your need big or small!

You can place your order in our online store (when the delivery address is in Finland).
When you are planning for a bigger purchase, or a delivery outside Finland, we recommend contacting us and we will give you our best offer.

Some references

Take a look at some nice places with forest floor mat that our team has installed! 

This holiday home is located in a fascinating lakeland scenery near Tampere, Finland.

The owners were looking for a beautiful landscaping solution in harmony with the surrounding nature. Their choice was the natural forest floor mat.  Lingonberries are waiting in the autumn! 

Villa Lippa.

This house was built as an exhibition in the annual Finnish Housing Fair in 2021. It is located in Lohja, Finland.  The house is designed for an active lifestyle in an area which inspires you to enjoy the life outdoors. The forest floor mat fits perfectly in this beautiful scenery of hills and water.

Kuntta Kuru.jpg
Kuntta Lohja.jpg
Kunttamaasto Siikainen.jpg

Select your way to order

1. Define your product

2.  Pay your order in the online store

Online store will open in Apriil 2023

3. Receive the delivery within 14 days - or at a later date if that suits your schecule better 

1. Define your product

2. Contact us, tell us how much forest floor mat you wirh to order, what is the delivery address, and whether you wish to order it installed.

3. You will receive an offer from us.

4. Confirm the order and the delivery date.

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